We have found countless ways of "improving" our self-appearance. These ways could be makeup, hair dye, breast implants, clothing, or anything else that can alter the way you look.

In my opinion, these are not all necessary, but who am I kidding? These are pretty cool inventions.

Have you ever watched and laughed at a sixties, seventies, or eighties movie? That is what sparked this very article, or more specifically, glasses. Wow! They had no style whatsoever! I suppose for their time they did, but by today’s standards, those magnifiers are disgusting! Back then, people wore glasses because they had to, not because they could look good.

Today, you see girls and guys with some flashy looking glasses. Here’s a little input from yours truly - They have no prescription! That’s right. They wear them for an image. Glasses are a style these days that was never thought of by the generations before us. So here is my question, weren’t they searching for an alternative years ago? Contact Lenses would have made seventies movies WAY less painful.

Now, after saying this, what will people say about us in 20 or 30 years? Surely, we are not stuck up and naive enough to say that our style is as good as it could ever be.

That is like proposing that our technology can no longer advance! Did they think they had style down in the sixties? Questions to ponder keep a mind active, regardless how unimportant they may be. So, stay sharp and wonder these ridiculous wonders with me! 

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