When it comes to pens, most of us look at them as nothing more than writing utensils. This is true for most pens, but not those that are equipped with the latest technology. If you want to spy on someone, like a creepy neighbor or a cheating husband, or if you just want to have a little bit of fun, you can do so with these pens.

What types of pens allow you to bring out the inner detective in us all?

A pen with picture taking capabilities. Do you want to catch someone in the act, like a cheating spouse having a dinner date with another? If this can help you in divorce proceedings, you want proof. What you don’t want to do is whip out a digital camera with a bright flash. They are easy to spot. You may not be ready to give yourself away just yet. In that case, a pen with a hidden picture camera is your best option. Most of these pens actually work, so you can write a note and activate the camera at the same time.

A pen with a hidden audio recorder. These types of pens are ideal for catching private conversations on tape. Do you suspect your child is using his or her cell phone to buy drugs? Do you think your spouse is using a cell phone to contact a mistress? This pen can be activated and placed within a reasonable distance to record conversations. When buying these types of pens, always read reviews and know what you are buying. Some are designed just as reminders, such as where you parked the car in the parking lot, not to spy. You need a pen with large recording capabilities.

Online, users rated the Agptek Invisible Writer 2GB USB Pen with good reviews. Since these pens have a built in storage system, they are able to record 20 hours or more. On the other hand, the Discovery Channel Voice Recorder Pen had slightly poorer reviews. Users stated you practically had to shout to hear the words. Moreover, this pen only has 60 seconds worth of record time. It is one of the above mentioned pens that are more designed for convenience than spying.

A pen with a hidden camera and audio recorder. As previously stated, you can buy pens with hidden cameras and audio recorders separately. For a slightly higher price, you can purchase duel function pens. They allow you to get both audio and video. As previously stated, some audio pens have poor reviews. To compensate, make sure you buy a spy pen with good video quality.

Online, users rated the Spy Ninja’s Working Pen with Pinhole Camera, Voice Recorder, and 4GB USB Drive an overall good buy. Users are impressed with the video quality, but most were less than satisfied with the audio. It does record voices and clearly, but it also pickups a lot of background noise. This can be problematic trying to spy on someone in a crowded location.

As you can see, you have a number of different options when looking to buy spy pens. Whatever your needs, whether it be audio, video, or pictures, you have a number of buying options. To get the best value for your money, always read reviews. Opt for low priced, but high quality products. Never spend more money than you need to, but always get a long-lasting device you can use.

As for the benefits, there are many. Pens are items that we all use and on a daily basis. Leaving a spy pen lying around on the table at home will not look out of place to your children or spouse. The same holds true for leaving pens in cars, on office desks, or even wearing them in clothes pockets. Unless you tell them, those around you will be none the wiser to the fact there is a spying device inside.

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