High speed Internet, a home phone line, and digital TV have all become essential parts out our lives and Comcast can do a great job of providing all three! In fact, it can even bundle any two or even all three of these great services together so that you can enjoy the benefits of a discount on your monthly bill and the convenience of writing only one check to cover all of your home’s telecommunications needs! Home phone service is probably the feature that people least expect to see provided by Comcast, but nonetheless the Digital Voice service actually delivers better value than anything you can get from the actual phone company! That’s because Digital Voice costs as much as a normal phone line, but comes with numerous calling features and free long distance calls to numbers within the United States and Canada!

High speed Internet may seem like another service that’s unusual for a cable TV company to offer, but Comcast does a great job of providing it nonetheless! In fact, with download speeds as high as 16 Mbps, this company beats out all of the competition when it comes to high speed Internet service! With 16 Mbps of bandwidth, Comcast is roughly twice as fast as other broad band cable high speed Internet providers, five times faster than the fastest residential DSL connections, and way better than satellite and dial up!

When you have access to up to 16 Mbps of bandwidth, there are a lot of different things that you can do that you may never have thought of before. For example, if you have a family of four, you can let every member of your family use the connection all at once and each one would have as much as 4 Mbps to his or herself! This means that each and every member of the family could do just about whatever he or she wanted to online without slowing down anyone else! Even if you choose to use this high speed Internet connection alone, there’s a big difference in terms of what you can do online. HDTV movies, virtual reality, the latest software, and many other possibilities will all be completely within your reach! In addition to lots of speed, Comcast can also provide you with the security that you need to go online with confidence, and devices like a wireless router that will make sharing the Internet connection over a WiFi hot spot a reality!

Comcast’s digital cable TV service also exemplifies what TV should be! Basically, it will allow you to enjoy a huge number of channels, great new technological features, and innovative new programming! Recent upgrades have allowed Comcast to increase the number of channels that it offers to nearly three hundred! These channels provide excellent programming in the form of educational content, movies, comedy, sports, and the local coverage that you’ll get from your local channels. One really innovative way that this service can make watching TV better than ever is through the included HDTV channels! HDTV programming has a wider picture with a higher resolution and better sound quality than you would be able to get from normal TV programming and Comcast is a leader in implementing this kind of technology! Add in a DVR and video on demand capability with ON DEMAND, and you can see that Comcast provides the most comprehensive TV service anywhere!

With all of these offerings, Comcast definitely takes technology and entertainment in some great new directions!

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