One of the most overlooked aspects of traveling is failing to purchase travel insurance. People think “I’m healthy.  Why do I need travel insurance? I’ll save a few bucks by not buying it.”

The truth is, travel insurance goes beyond medical protection. It can cover cancelled flights, issues with your hotel, or in the event someone gets sick and you have no choice but to cancel your trip last minute.

You never know what can happen before your departure and unfortunately, most general health and medical plans don’t cover you when you’re out of the country.

As for what travel insurance is best for you, it depends on your particular needs, as well as whether you want a lower deductible.

One of the most often used travel insurance companies is found at:

World Nomads lets you purchase travel insurance online from anywhere in the world, even if you’re already traveling! 

Here are a few other options:

And here are a few things to consider when choosing your plan:

·      Does the contract require written submission when reporting an incident or do they accept electronic claims?

·      What is the amount of the premium and can you upgrade/downgrade if you choose?

·      What isn’t covered in the policy? Does it include high-risk countries or specific adventure sports and activities?

·      What is the extent of the coverage? Does it include only medical expenses or other possible costs?

·      Does it include any pre-existing medical conditions?

Those are just a few things to think about when evaluating travel insurance packages. Be vigilant in understanding what you’re paying for and how you’re protected.

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